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    Wednesday, January 8th, 2025
    2:54 am

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    Wednesday, February 1st, 2017
    2:53 pm
    The story so far
    So I'm learning that there's a story that happened for the channels. And a story that really happened for the people who were there. First of all, my wedding chariot was the sickest thing you all saw that whole weekend. An Orange Lamborghini is the height of classy, and anybody who disagrees can catch me outside. Hows that?

    There. We can consider that stupid Maury show thing dead and buried now. Xavier Woods helped dig its grave at least two feet, and you can count on Rusev to put it the last four under. And then send all the dirt back on top to make sure its not coming back.

    Anyway. Story time. I honor my deals and bets. Probably more than I should. So losing a swim race to Cathy meant I was going to pony up for that ridiculous flower arch. I'm also going to inform you that I was more than happy to drink Toronto dry with Dean Ambrose and his in-laws but unfair Rooskie cultists happy new relatives decided that I was better served in Malibu.

    No Rusev is not obsessed with elephants. While they are a symbol of strength, and determination, and I admire similar things with a big trunk, I didn't need a elephant at my funeral. But if I DID, it would have been for more than selfies. I would have rode that thing all over the beach, posed with my (then) US title on top of it. Instead, I had to settle for riding my ((CENSORED BY "UNFAIR ROOSKIE CULTIST" WIFE WHO KNOWS "CRUSH123" IS A STUPID PASSWORD. P.S: I'm borrowing the Maserati. :D))

    And furthermore. I am a fair man. My goal is to make myself memorable, and enjoy my family. Present and extended as much as possible. I am disappointed that Dean didn't bring buddy's head back along with Renee's hat. You people need to think outside the box for wedding gifts, and Bulgarian tradition says you can still give things to the groom for up to five years.

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